Monday, February 06, 2006

Mixing Teeth of the Memory Mind

Just found this interesting blog called Mixing Memory. From the blog you can read:

The Intellectual Teeth of the Mind

Early one morning earlier this week, I received an email about a radio program in Massachusets called Radio Open Source, which aired a program that evening on's question, "What is your dangerous idea?" (I believe you can listen to the program at any time by following that link). I'm sure some of you who commented on the question received an email as well (Razib was even quoted on the show). The email mentioned that they were going to be interviewing Steven Pinker and others. So while I was sitting around doing some work, I listened to the program. It was actually pretty interesting. The "others" included Jesse Bering, Daniel Dennett, and Steven Strogatz. I'll try to get to Berring's answer, and his work (which is interesting as well) in a future post, but for now, I want to concentrate on something that the answers given by Dennett and Strogatz reminded me of. If you recall, Dennett's answer to's question was about memes (big surprise). He said, in essence, that our minds are being inundated with memes, and pretty soon, if it isn't the case already, there will be more memes than we can handle. Strogatz' answer is related, though in a non-obvious way, perhaps.


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