Friday, March 03, 2006

Imaging Genetics stuff

The slides of most of the presentation from this year's International Imaging Genetics Conference are now available through their website. I surely hope they'll add the videos soon. There are a few that I'd like to have a second (third...n'th...) look at.

I have a few comments to some of the presentations, and to keep in mind:
  • Nik Schork presented and discussed ways to visualize the imaging/genetics data (especially the latter. Unfortunately, these slides are still missing from the list
  • Tom Nichols gave a good talk that to me helped binding the fields of genetics, neuroimaging and statistics a bit more together. Again, these slides are also missing
  • Bernie Devlin is worth having in mind when thinking critically about the projects done in this field.
  • Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg gave a really cool talk about his work on Williams-Beuren syndrome, and how genes play a role in the brain in social cognition.
  • Ahmad Hariri gave an equally neat talk about individual differences in appetitive drive.
  • Dan Weinberger has this extra way of grabbing his audience's attention and make them forget all about jet lag and coffee thirst. His talk about the lessons from the study of COMT were most interesting.
Admitted, it is far from sufficient to see some slides. You can only get the ghist of what you're missing. So let's hope that the Irvine people will add the videos soon. Stay tuned.


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